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60 mins Online Drama Trial Session

It will absolutely help your children to shine in life 

Creative Development for Little Leaders!

Growing the leaders of tomorrow takes special skills and abilities in our everchanging world. The ability to communicate well and being understood by others is vital for success. As workplaces change, we find ourselves more isolated and lacking the power to present our talents to the world. At Cue Education we believe that drama is the foundation of every persons’ development. Through self-expression and creative development, we aim to guide students to be CONFIDENT, EXPRESSIVE and PRESENT themselves to a waiting world! Join us and learn to live your best life!     

What's in the session?

Children naturally love being themselves and that is what going to drama school is all about. Experienced Cue Drama teachers nurtures everyone to be their own star and not a copy! We encourage stepping out of your comfort zone, a space where we have witnessed many miracles over the years. Are you the next super movie star, corporate leader or inspirational figure? Join us, YOU might just find out!  

What is the procedure?

The procedure is simple! Simply click "Sign Up For Trial!" and fill out the registration form. After you have submitted the form, our colleague will call/WhatsApp you to confirm details. 

P.S. This is a good opportunity to ask for more course information!

What should I prepare?

Creativity is limitless and a Cue Drama class is to! We do not have tables or chairs and we encourage you to wear your favourite fancy costume. We will be doing many activities together in our creative online studios, so bring a bottle of water and prepare to have some fun. Other than that, remember your surrounding should clear of obstacles. And if AH! We should also remember to keep our surroundings as quiet as possible!

Tell us about your child in advance!

Every character is different, and we love that! Feel free to describe your development goals and hopes. As an educator, we want to make sure that everyone feels inclusive and get the most out of the class. 

Big saving on that day!

By enrolling for one term, we will offer TWO extra lessons. We will offer SIX extra lessons by enrolling for two terms. 

One Term - 8+2 Lessons, total 10 lessons

​Two Terms - 16+6 Lessons, total 22 lessons

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